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Starting a professional dating service is like plunging into a social career which entails socializing with other people in the society. As a matchmaker like horneymatch.com, you get to socialize and play well with others. You will need to even make friends with other competitors. Running a dating service is like going into an assertive career that is flexible, positive, legitimate and best of all... very stimulating! As a match maker you will possess some unque traits and behavioral patterns that will help promote your business and take it to the next level. You will be determined to succeed. You will be a good judge of character, a sympathetic coach, a friendly salesperson, a party planner and yet you will need a great deal of tactfulness. Having said all this, you will need some facts that will stimulate you on your road to running a dating service.

Do you know that just in the United States alone, there were about 104 million singles in the year 2003? Do you know that about 75% of adult singles are seriously searching for true love and a life-long soul mate. More than 45 million people looking for true love rely on the dating service to bring to them a glimmer of hope in getting the dream partners and horney match with whom they can travel the journey of life together. According to research, there is only a 17% chance of getting along with someone on a date that a friend has set up. Between 1999 to 2003, the dating service like horney match.com witnessed a rise to about 300%. On the average, men spend about $2,450 on dates each year. About $40 billion is spent on marriage every year just in the US alone. There are a number of dating sites on the market right now. If you are ready to jump into this exciting yet sometimes complicated business, you must be ready to reach for the top of this profession.

Do not forget that there has been a rise in the number of interracial sites to respond to the demand of interracial dating. There are even some dating services that link young women to rich men. So, it depends on the specific area you want to plunge into. You may choose to set up a local dating service in town, or set up a dating web site to capture membership from the nooks and crannies of the globe. Read on to learn how you would go about achieving your set target. To start a dating service like horney match, it is important you contact your local state office of commerce and inquire about the licenses needed to operate in your town or city. In most cases, you might just be required to register for a standard business licence with your state.


Having done that, you can now decide on the exact theme of what you want your dating web site service. Do you want to focus on interracial couples, rich men or women, divorced men and women? Or are you looking to link business men and women together?